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Monday, June 01, 2009
Another MMO survey

Who would have thought that Newcastle of all places is a hotbed of MMO research? David Grundy of the Newcastle Business School assures me that this is a different institution than the Newcastle University Business School, from which I linked a survey 6 weeks ago. That survey wasn't very well received, because people felt the questions were leading them to a foregone conclusion on MMO addiction.

David Grundy's survey is about a different subject, MMO customer retention and loyalty. And as far as I can tell, the questions are posed in a rather neutral way, and not trying to lead the participants anywhere. The subject is less sensationalist anyway.

So if you are willing to help David get his Ph.D., and have 15 minutes to spare, you could fill out his survey and do your bit for scientific MMO research.
Many thanks again for posting this Tobold!
I did it.
Too bad the survey doesn't allow (make sense) for those who are not currently subscribers of MMOs.
I filled out the survey. Overall it was much better than the other one. I wonder if he will group people into Bartle-type categories like, "The person is a former raider, now burned out, and looking for a new MMO to play."
Aye, it's a bit worthless for me, a long time player of Puzzle Pirates and a fan of Wizard101, neither of which I'm using the sub option for.

I hope the data will be presented with a proper caveat to that effect. Subscribers aren't the entirety of the MMO market any more.
I wondering if he is wanting people to take the survey who dont subscribe/play any of the games listed in the drop down list?

It seems he is going for empirical data here, so it would be useless for people to take the survey who didnt play the games in his provided list.

I see no need for caveats of any sort if that is the case.
I chose to take the survey from the perspective of EVE Online (it asks you to select the game you are speaking about) which made some of the questions more amusing than if I had, for example, taken the WoW view of the world.

The poll asked the "will you resubscribe" question in a few different ways. I wonder if he is looking at any changes in that answer based on the set of questions you answered immediately before.

My favorite question:

"The games company upholds the principles of a well-respected games company."

I had some trouble linking a few "well-respected" games companies with very many principles.
Yeah, the survey was better than the other one. Any word from those guys on how their analysis of their rubbishy survey went? Or did they love you and leave you Tobold?

This survey did have a few questions that could have had a response option of "not applicable"... such as GM interaction. If you never had an interaction, how can you rate those statements? Just a little thing, but still.
Filled in.
Many thanks for your participation
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