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Sunday, October 04, 2009
Alganon beta key winners

So here is the list of winners of an Alganon beta key, and their reasons why they want to beta test this game:

Cyprus: I am most certainly a casual gamer these days. I used to have oodles of time to spend in World of Warcraft a few years ago, but I'm finding MMOs in general to be more tiring as of late. What I really enjoyed (and still occasionally enjoy) was Roleplaying in World of Warcraft. I have never had an experience quite like it, and would like to repeat it in a different kind of setting. Looking over the features of Alganon, I am drawn to four specific things: The Library system, Study system, Family system, and the prospect of exploring a new world with like-minded players. The Family system especially seems interesting, as (in theory) it will draw me toward more like-minded gamers, and thus Roleplayers/Explorers. Finally, I also cannot deny the lure of Lore in a game, and enjoy piecing together the bits of history these developers have worked so hard to create and immerse players in. I would very much like to be a part of the Alganon beta, and see how their game universe fairs with someone like me.

McWutsB: I think I should get an Alganon beta key because I enjoy experiencing new games, mechanics, and systems as they come along. Frequently it is smaller studios that come up with new ideas, or try something a little differently. These small changes are what draws me to MMO's and playing betas is a great way to taste all the different flavors.

Thalin: I would like to request an Alganon beta key. There are several reasons why I would like to have one of these keys, including but not limited to the following:
1) I enjoy trying out new MMOs (especially those produced by smaller, independent studios).
2) I am very interested in the design aspect of all MMOs, large and small. It is very interesting to me to see what parts of these games are similar, and which are unique.
3) I am a qualified tester, having beta tested several MMOs from WoW to Warhammer to Champions Online most recently, as well as having worked for IBM for several years as a test engineer.

Caleb: Simply put, I'd like to test Alganon because I am bored with all the games I currently own, including the MMOs, and hankering for a taste of something new. A beta test provides a great and very unique opportunity since there is no pressure to "keep up with the Joneses", a feeling that is infectious after launch, given that things won't carry over to live in most cases as well as a generally higher level of community given that the players there are not only there to test things as well as play, but there is also very little knowledge advantage, everyone being new. Closed betas are a fleeting and unique experience in the MMO universe. As long as the problems needing to be addressed before open beta or launch don't make the game unplayable, it seems like a fun diversion.

Kyuss: The reason I want to beta test the game is reasonably simple. I've been reading the developer roundtables and the game actually sounds entertaining. I haven't even seen any screenshots of the game, just read the numerous developer roundtables. They have a lot of things that appeal to me, but what really got me was the crafting system. In a somewhat stark contrast to several other popular outcomes, a person can actually make some of the best gear in the game through crafting. I've begun to wonder what other neat things they've packed into the crafting systems in the game. In addition to the standard War Hammer Of Doom I usually like to carry around, maybe I'll be able to make a firebreathing mechanical flying war pony, and paint it pink and put some stars on it, cause you know chicks dig the whole My Little Pony thing. Perhaps I'll be able to use some form of alchemy to summon and bind demons! Wouldn't that be a hoot? Maybe I could build a guild house from the bones of Dinu Lipatti, or whatever one of the popular raid bosses will be called? Could be fun.

Kleedrac: I'd love to beta test a new MMO, especially a smaller one as I'm always on the lookout for something new. I enjoy Fantasy gaming in general and RPG's specifically (thusly why even approaching the age of thirty Tuesday means D&D and Saturday means Shadowrun) but above that I'm always interested in a new take on something so well defined as Fantasy MMO (and if you think that's not well defined you've obviously not seen how many bloody WoW-clones are on the market now.) DDO has a very unique combat engine and combined with the existing knowledge I possess on D&D 3.x it made an interesting experience (I especially thought the DM's voice was a nice touch.) Perfect World had a classicly asian look and feel and added some anime-style elements (both in art and in style such as jumping) but became a grind-fest of epic proportions very quickly. WoW itself is very well executed but being the biggest they feel the need to listen to their audience and in doing so prove why they shouldn't :) They consistently change fundamental class abilities and quests at the slightest testiness of any of their consumers which in turn launches a new wave of customers feeling the new changes are unfair. With smaller MMO's they tend to either choose one aspect of the MMO and enhance it (very fun) or take risks to new territories (also very fun.) Another factor is that I find once games have been established into their own niche retail space they are remarkably less fun to play with communities quickly equating knowledge with positive and ignorance with stupidity while setting up a literal slew of information sites which could play the game by themselves. I enjoy exploring. I enjoy new things and a level playing field. I look forward to trying a new Fantasy MMO that I've never heard of!

Pokey: After reading over the basic information given on Alganon's web page I'd have to say the think I'm most interested in testing out is their study system. Being able to advance my character while offline would be great for my current situation. In WoW my guild was always leading the raiding grind on my server but now that I have graduated college I no longer have the long nights I once did. Its nice to know that I can set up my character to grow and focus on other things in my off time. The duel role system could help to break up the holy trinity some but I would need to play round with it first before passing judgment. I am also interested in the large focus on social networking and Alganon's library system. I like the idea of an in game database and player feedback through the kudos system. Even if I miss out on the beta I will look forward to reading up more on this game as it nears release.

Rinzai: I have been a devout reader of Tobold's MMORPG Blog for quite a while. Your talks have always inspired some unique discussion in my own guild, while we play our beloved World of Warcraft. I have heard about Alganon locally, actually. A lot of our guildfolk live in Phoenix, Arizona, including myself, and we keep a close eye on development of software based in our own metro area! I check up on Alganon for development, and was a part of an initial Stargate Worlds alpha cycle (another Arizona development). It would be a unique experience to see what some local developers have done in the MMO world!

Cygany: I enjoy exploring new worlds and a good story, so I am always trying out new games. Alganon (hard not to say Algalon) is not something I had heard about before seeing on your blog, so I took some time to explore their site before posting. There are several features that jumped out as something I am interested in seeing. Rounding out a robust sounding economy is a consignment system for posting requests for goods. As an old school D&Der, I'm interested in seeing how deities play an influence in a gamer's actions. I am not sure how families will work out as I enjoy several of those aspects of gameplay; I hope it is not too limiting. An ambitious project that I hope is engaging and entertaining! Thanks for the opportunity!

Changed: I would like to beta test Alganon primarily to participate in discussing the game on your blog. Since I'm currently on break from WoW raiding and waiting for the next good game, I'm willing to give anything a try. I dabbled a bit in Luminary and Free Realms, and am currently playing Mafia Wars as a poor man's MMO substitute. Although I don't see myself investing serious amounts of time into a beta, I will certainly put in at least 9 hours (hereafter known as the Zitron Number) to give the game a fair shake.
Just out of curiosity, how much time elapsed between your blog post, and the arrival of the 10th correct application?
Only a few hours. And I got over 50 applications in two days.
I'm surprised how many of the winners had reasons similar to my own... Namely "I want to find something new". The first compelling MMOG to offer a different experience is going to sell like hot flapjacks on a cool autumn morning.
"... hereafter known as the Zitron Number"

Pure win. I snorted in my cube when I read that.

Skarlarth and Co.
Heh, as luck would have it, a day after failing to score a key here, I won one from's giveaway. Client downloading now, will be interesting to see how it looks.
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