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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Did I mention that I bought a new Sony PSP a few weeks ago? I basically upgraded my old PSP-1000 with an improved PSP-3000. The main reason I did that was to *avoid* having to buy a PSPgo at some point in the future. I completely agree with the CNN Tech review of the PSPgo in thinking that lack of backward compatibility is an extremely bad idea. And the PSPgo drives that bad idea to extremes. It isn't even a new generation of a handheld console, just a new version of the old PSP, and then it isn't compatible with the old games on UMD discs, with no way offered to move your old games to your new console if you were to buy one. If I wanted to play a game on the PSPgo that I already own on UMD, I would have to pay again for a download. How crazy is that?

Note that I already ended up not buying a PS3 because it isn't backward compatible (apparently the backward compatible early versions were only offered in the US, not in Europe, so I can't even try to get an old one). It begins to feel more and more as if Sony is out to milk their customers, deliberately wiping their game libraries so they can't play old games and buy more new games. That isn't going to win them any sympathy from me.
Which is why I stick to the XBox 360. Those tend to die though, so that's also not such a good solution..
Sony Europe were generous to offer PSP Go buyers free digital conversions of three games they already own. Sony America isn't offering any.

Some games retailers won't be selling the system, since they won't make much money from the hardware and none on new or second hand software sales. Customers also get the short end of the stick since they can no longer trade or sell used games.

While its a nice looking toy, its too expensive and less customer friendly than previous models. Looks likes there's some engineers at Sony who deserve a payrise and some managers who need to be sacked.
I just don't understand what the point of the PSP-Go is. If you already own a PSP 3k you end up being either screwed out of playing your old games or your stuck with two different versions of the PSP and have to break out the old one anytime you want to play a UMD.

Even looking at it from the perspective of a new customer there is no reason to buy it.

Why would I be compelled to buy a PSP-GO for a much higher price then the 3000 when it has less functonality?

Then there is my personal hatred for this DLC-only trend the industry seems to be heading in, but thats a rant for another day.
I've been pretty unhappy with Sony for quite a while now. The lack of backward compatibility in the PS3 and the fact that there are only one or two games that are unique for the system has really been the final nail in their coffin in terms of me buying any of their future systems. I bought a PS3 for Metal Gear Solid 4 and the game was almost good enough to justify it, but I won't do it again.
PSP-Go is aimed more at the Asian market than western audiences. They are more of a culture on the move, they do more public transit, and they do a ton more mobile downloading.

PSP-4000 with UMD is on the way. So they aren't ditching things. This info all comes from Sony and I got from Kotaku.
How did Sony ever win the format war with Bluray, when they have such shining examples of incompetence such as the UMD discs of the PSP.
Is backwards compatibility important to people?

It sounds important. Hell, its what tipped me over into buying a PS2, which was backwards compatible with PS1 games.

I then proceeded to never actually use the backwards compatibility, except the one time I tried it just to see if it would work.

And if you really want to play your old games, just keep your ps2 in the closet yeah? I mean, if you have the library you must have the console, so basically you just want backwards compatibility to avoid plugging in the ps2 if you ever get into a retro gaming mood...

So yeah, it's mostly much ado about nothing.
Toxic, it may not be much to you, but obviously, it's important to Tobold, and to me as well. I'd have a PS3 (and maybe even a DSi) if they were backwards compatible.

What would be interesting is seeing more large scale data sampling on the issue, rather than a pithy comment here and there.
This came up while i was in the queue of my local GAME store, some mum was getting really angry with a shop assistant because the poor guy was explaining how it was not backward compatable. I can see why, if i bought a Blu-Ray player and found it did not play my old DVD's i would be pissy.
Tobold, you are not correct, when you say the backward-compatible PS3 only came out in the US ,and not in Europe.

I own myself one of the first Modells, and they clearly are compatible with 95% of the PS2 games (estimated)

For myself it didn't matter that much, but my mom now uses it ,because she prefers the old PS2 Games ;)
HEartless said

"How did Sony ever win the format war with Bluray, when they have such shining examples of incompetence such as the UMD discs of the PSP."

What did it win?

Most computers don't have a Blu Ray drive.
Most people don't have a Blu-Ray player
Most don't have an HDTV.

It won a format war that in the end hasn't really had an impact on anything. Yes HD=DVD is dead but most people still don't have an HD Tv so DVD still outsells Blu Ray. The step up from DVD to Blu-Ray for most people wasn't nearly as dramatic as going from VHS to DVD. THe jump from DVD to downloadable content whether it be movies in HD, games or music is a bigger achievement.

Blu-Ray is on shakier ground than would expect from a "winner" of a format war.
This has to be the most ridiculous, money-grabbing scheme Sony has ever invented.

Backwards compatibility from the PS2 to PS1 games is not the same as backwards compatibility for the PS2 in the PS3, and for PSP games in the PSP-Go, in my opinion.

The PSP has only been around a few years, and I'm guessing the jump technology wise to the PSP-Go is not that large. Apparently it's the same hardware anyway?

There's no technical reason not to support backwards compatibility. I guess they just wanted to get rid of the disc drive?

Not only are they making all those UML disks obsolete (Which by the way, is only hurting those that actually paid money for their games. The pirates are laughing all the way to the bank).

They're also abandoning the "traditional mini-USB connector" - sorry guys, all your accessories will be obsolete as well.

I'm all for the new digital distribution - the UML discs were lame. But at least allow users to somehow convert their disks to a digital format so that they can be played on the new PSPGo.

I'm wondering why they didn't pack a camera into it, the new DSi has 2...
Dick said:
"PSP-4000 with UMD is on the way. So they aren't ditching things. This info all comes from Sony and I got from Kotaku."

Ah ok, that makes sense now. I thought they were ditching the PSP UMD format completely.

/rant off I guess :)
I must say, I bought a 3000 BECAUSE it had the UMD drive.

Call me ancient, but I think it is nice to have some sort of "mini-dvd" with me. Point being: a UMD-Film has been optimised to play on my psp.

When it comes to games, I am a friend of downloadable content. It would be nice now, if there actually were any worth mentioning.

What I have been missing from the beginning is a mobile data plan. The moment sony adds something like this to the psp-portfolio, ebay will be flooded with iPhones^^
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