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Thursday, December 31, 2009
This blog in 2009

As every year on this day, I'll talk about the number of visitors to my blog in this post. As you can see in the graph from Google Analytics below, I had just over 1 million visits this year.
The number held up pretty steady, and as half the visits are from search engines, even the summer break didn't cause a total fall in visitor numbers.

Actually more interesting are the numbers of people subscribing to, and interacting with, my RSS feed. Unfortunately Feedburner doesn't offer the option to display a year of data, so the image shows data starting in 2007.
As you can see, the number of feed subscribers has grown steadily. And the blue curve, of people clicking on a feed item, more accurately represents reader interest, and more clearly shows the dip during my summer break. This year the average number of subscribers grew from 2,500 to 3,500 per day, another million in total. But obviously the half of them who then clicked on a feed item were counted as visitors to my blog too, so the total of visits plus feed reads is probably around 1.5 million.

I'd like to thank all of you for the interest you showed in the blog, especially those who gave feedback and commented. Remember that if you want to tell me something where you think the comment section isn't the right place for, e.g. a question or suggestion for a post subject, the link e-mail me is in the upper right corner of the page. I wish you all a happy 2010.
I've never commented before, but I wanted to write to wish you a happy new year, and thank you for continuing to write as you do. Your posts are always entertaining and interesting and I'm glad to have you on my blog list. :)
I wish you a happy new year and...
Keep Playing and Writing Tobold!!!
Happy New Year Tobold, thanks for writing a quality blog :)
What was that one very obvious spike?
Awesome stuff, Tobold! I love reading your blog and I'm really happy that you are continuing to do so. I was worried that you might hang your hat up for good during your summer break!
20.000 visitors a day of which about 20 give a reply. I'm part of the 0.1% percentile!

Here's to another year of great posts :)
Happy new year Tobold!
Seems like your style is getting more and more popular, which is just as well, because you keep putting your finger on issues that aren't immediately obvious. That makes your posts such a fun to read.
Happy New Year, Tobold!

I thank you for your effort in maintaining this fine blog where often MMO discussion reaches another level. Sometimes not, but that's life.

You know where we disagree and sometimes my gloves come out but have no doubt that I respect you a lot and appreciate the writing and the discussion you manage to create here.

That said hope that next year will bring you and those you love everything you need to be happy.

First time poster, long time reader. Happy New Year :)
Have a good new year Tobold. You, Gevlon, and others are the reason I've started blogging...always interesting to hear peoples views even when I dont agree.
Enjoy reading your articles, very genuine tone and intelligent perspective on lots of issues regarding MMO's, which is still a growing niche.

Congrats on your RSS reader growth and good luck on your next 1,000 and beyond.
Happy New Year! As a regular reader, and somewhat less regular poster, i enjoyed your blog a lot. Lets make 2010 even better!
im recently new to read ur blog
but i like it
keep it up!

happy new year and greetings from mexico XD
Happy new year Tobold.

I met a beautiful girl from Australia at our celebrating new year party, and found out she too reads Tobold's blog... Man thats nice
@Carra - Pedantic footnote: Visits and Visitors are not the same thing. Likely there are around 15,000 visitors per day, collectively visiting 20,000 times. Some come back on the same day.

The feed statistics are always curious, and not instinctively correct: It's possible that the use of feeds is simply rising faster than the use of web pages. But I suspect that the feed statistics are getting cluttered up with people that have added the feed somewhere, but aren't actively reading it anymore. Given the rapid turn-over of players in MMO games, that would make sense for a blog such as this.
to everyone wondering: That massive spike in traffic at tobold's occurs anytime i throw him a link from my superstar blog with 100 daily readers.

;) happy new year
Joke aside, the spike was from one of the main Aion sites linking to my Aion review on its front page.

Thanks again for blogging! You inspired me to start my own blog this year. Only 50k visitors for me, but I'll catch you someday. :)

50k in a year isn't bad. I've been at this for a while, have lots of inbound links, and don't hit 50k a year.


Still amazed at your success. At one point, years ago, I was actually even with ya :P
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