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Friday, January 01, 2010
What are you looking forward to in 2010?

The top three MMORPG releases I'm looking forward to in 2010 are Cataclysm, Star Trek Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. That is in order of preference, not release dates. Of course I'm prepared for the possibility that any of these, or even all, could end up being a disappointment. But then again Cataclysm could revive the lower levels of WoW, SWTOR could become the second game with over a million subscribers outside Asia, and Star Trek Online could surprise us with gameplay which is markedly different from the usual fare.

What MMORPG releases are you looking forward to in 2010? Anything you think could become a sleeper hit?
FFXIV and Cataclysm here, though I'm curious to see how Old Republic will shape up.
I share your enthusiasm for the aforementioned three releases. I think both APB and Global Agenda may be the sleeper hits of 2010. Of the two, I'm personally rooting for Global Agenda to do well as I was an original Tribes player for several years. GA seems to be both a refinement of that gameplay and a step forward in the still nascent sub genre of MMOFPSs. I think Global Agenda will siphon off the remaining Planetside player base and a lot of those who might be otherwise satisfied by Team Fortress 2 if not for the setting and/or lack of persistence.
I hope Star Trek Online is good. I am also looking forward to the very remote possibility of Starcraft II and/or Diablo III in 2010.
I defiantly plan to subscribe to FFXIV but also intend to try out star wars and trek once the free trials hit.
To be honest it's just Cataclysm at the moment, for me.

The other two you're looking forward to are off my radar, since Star Trek and Star Wars are two IPs I actively dislike, and I have no interest in playing a game based on either of them.

Titles I have some interest in, but honestly haven't followed closely enough to say I'm "looking forward" to include Dawntide, Earthrise, Jumpgate Evolution and Black Prophecy. I'll certainly keep an eye out for more news on those ones as time passes.
So very much to look forward to in 2010 its positively overwhelming...

Can barely restrain myself from re-subbing to EQ2 already in anticipation of the February expansion "Sentinel's Fate". This is ironic, given I unsubscribed from Station Access last Spring specifically because I was so disappointed that the new expansion was going to be Kunark rather than Velious. Nothing like a break to refresh your enthusiasm.

Then there's the Allods open beta and subsequent launch, probably this Spring. Mrs Bhagpuss and I are playing the third closed beta fairly obsessively and we can't wait to get to the point where we can actually keep our characters and use the Item mall to buy bag space!

After those, the shining star is FFXIV. If it even launches in 2010. Fingers crossed for a beta invite...

Guild Wars 2 is another I will certainly be buying, but I'm not counting on that appearing before 2011.

Once we re-sub to Station Access, that'll be WoW on the unsubscribe pile, but we will be back, like most of the MMO world, when "Cataclysm" appears. My bet is on September.

Still on my radar are LinkRealms (all gone very quiet there) and Dark Solstice, but not holding out too much hope of actually playing either of those in 2010.

AAA MMOs I have no interest in at all include STO, Global Agenda, The Agency. Not even following the progress of those, let alone plannng on playing them. Mind you, this time last year that was true of Fallen Earth and now I am subscribed to it, so never say never.

SWTOR I have a mild curiosity about, but I won't be considering until well after it launches and i can see what it actually IS.

Sleeper hits: Earth Eternal, Fallen Earth.
Cataclysm, SW: TOR (I seriously doubt we'll see this one in 2010).

But I'm also interested in other games:
-Aliens vs Predators 3
-Bioshock 2
-Deus Ex 3
-Mass Effect 2
-Starcraft 2

And of course I hope to see a few new great franchises.
It will be interesting to see the impact that these games on one another.

As we saw with Warhammer/WoTLK, timing is everything. If a MMORPG drops at the same time as Cataclysm or Starcraft 2, it will have a very hard time to hold an audience...
Star Trek Online, Star Wars, and Jumpgate Evolution, FFXIV, and Global Agenda.

I don't think Star Wars will actually come out but I will put it on my list anyway. I hope Star Trek online is better than I think it will be but I am looking forward to it nevertheless.

I have finally broken the hold wow had over me so I could care less about the new expansion. It actually feels good to be able to say that!

Global Agenda and Jumpgate both intrigue me but I am not sure what to expect from them but hopefully they will entertain.
If I had to suggest a sleeper hit, it might be Mortal Online. I don't know much about the game other than that it's a hardcore sandbox type affair. Judging by how much momentum Darkfall picked up, I wouldn't be surprised if MO does well too.
2 Million Gold in Sales throughout the year in wow.
APB and some sort of hands on reports with Guild Wars 2!!
I am looking forward to SW:TOR, STO is off my radar for now because I have lost my trust of Cryptic (that, and some choices they have made really put me off - no Romulans, Klingon Federation has to be 'unlocked' and is PvP focused, etc).

For non MMO games Mass Effect 2 has my interest, along with some indie titles (Eschalon Book II, AI War expansion). So far not too much to be excited over, but I expect the next month or so will show an increase in hype for upcoming games.
FFXIV and Cataclysm but I'm hoping for an xiv beta invite and being in that would take precedence over WoW.
Mainly looking forward to:
-(what will probably end up being) a brief dabble in STO.
-Cataclysm, I faction changed one my alts today and that really made it quite refreshing for a change.
-APB, I like shooters and this looks like it could be a sleeper hit.
-Fallen Earth...I want to try it out but still refraining from trying it until I literally feel an aching urge to play it.

I'm really not at all interested in Allods, I've played it and it does is a nice(ish)game, but the animations and combat need some serious work.

TOR...I'm not sure. I'm weird in that I found Dragon Age not fun at all, so I'm somewhat skeptical of TOR as well.
I'm not all that interested in Knights of the Old Republic. A Star Wars MMO done right set during the galactic civil war would be the best move they could take. That's the Star Wars everyone loves. Yes, you'd have to retcon some lore to allow jedi, but it would be awesome nonetheless.

I might try Star Trek. I see myself being very into it for two days, playing on and off for another couple weeks, and then canceling.

I'm really looking forward to Cataclysm though. Heroic deadmines anyone?
I'll certainly play Cataclysm but I'm pretty curious about FFXIV since FFXI was my first MMO. I doubt my interest in it will outlast the beta though.
APB and just a beta at least for Guild Wars 2.
I'm definitely interested in APB and SW:TOR. I'm also keeping my eye on Earthrise; looks like it might be an interesting futuristic sandboxy type game. I want to be excited about Cataclysm but I can't bring myself to pick WoW back up. I'm sure it'll be awesome, but I don't have the time anymore to raid seriously, and don't have any other interest in the game besides hardcore raiding.
Out of MMOs, I'll mainly be watching for guild wars 2 news. I'll be checking in to the other ones, but don't have much MMOs now apart from original guild wars. Whether or not it comes out in 2010, I'll be watching news on it.

Currently I'm in a 4X phase, the big potential release here I can think of is Elemental: War of Magic. I'm also following Starcraft and Diablo.
I think Star Trek has the most potential to really change the genre. I am not sure any game based on the WoW model will be competitive. WoW has so much content, history, and polish that it's really hard to compete with fresh out of the gate.

The Star Trek universe has always emphasized a multi-faceted world including trading, diplomacy, and exploration, and combat when needed. This is the direction I believe any "WoW killer" must take. While WoW is combat-centric, other games must capitalize on its defeciencies in tradeskills, property ownership, and relatively uninspiring explotation. Classic games such as Ultima Online captivated many people for many different reasons. Some mined, some killed, some were social, some killed players, some killed monsters. Star Trek can offer both a new background and a variety of stuff to do beyond pull, nuke, loot, eat.
Funny to see Markco show is scheming lying face on Tobold's blog, last time you were here Markco you seemed more interested in insulting Tobold's intelligence and saying you were better than him because you had a bigger blog.

But I guess for a scumbag like you, good or bad attention is still advertising, right?
-I'm curious about Star Trek.

-I was curious about ToR but the more we've learned the more I've lost that interest.

-the direction WoW has taken is no longer fun for me.

-FFXIV looks gorgeous but I've never been much for the FF series (don't hate).

-Guild Wars 2 is even better looking than FFXIV and I'm definately hopeful with this one.

-and the game that I'm most excited about for launch in 2010 (hopefully) is The Secret World.
Allods definitely. Been playing EU and USA CBT and loving it.
- Star Wars was effectively killed for me by Episodes I, II and III - more by Ep I. Also by that god awful animated film. Lucas destroyed the universe to such an extent that I cant but not laugh so hard at anything Star Wars related now.

- As much as I like a good Trek film, Star Trek doesn't appeal to me in the slightest.

- WoW. Never again, played from day one almost and recently cancelled and good riddance.

- GW2 looks good to me, lush graphics and very interested in how the new mechanics pan out. Hope it gets a 2010 look in.

- For now I'm sticking with LotRO. Not bored yet, and far more satisfying than anything else I have played before.
Well, since I have friends that are on the WoW and Star Wars OR teams, I am looking forward to those. I haven't seen much of the Star Wars yet, and I haven't been pulled too much by anything else that may be going on.
I wonder if Starcraft 2 will actually launch in 2010. We'll see. Anyways I'm excited to see STO, SWTOR, and Allod's Online which might become a sleeper hit (who knows?)
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