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Saturday, March 27, 2010
Expert opinion on how to improve World of Warcraft

I spent 1 hour today in two sessions with my 4-year old nephew on my knees using World of Warcraft as a dragon flight simulator. According to my nephew that is "cool", but he was disappointed that the dragons you can fly in the game don't breathe fire. Would you please fix that, Blizzard?
If dragons get to breath fire, I want rockets on my helicopter.
I agree with both points :D
And also, my Nightsaber cannot bite people. This makes me sad.
I think it would be really cool if they implemented something like that in Cataclysm. Your flying mount could shoot fire or other stuff and it could fight other flying mobs.
I completely agree :)
A dragon is clearly not a dragon if it can't breathe fire. It's just a big flying lizard.

Please Blizzard, give us dragons.
Fire-breathing button FTW!
If Blizz isn't already drafting something to do with aerial combat and dragon riders stuff like there was in the movie Eragon, then shame on them.

Seriously though, the fire doesn't need to do damage does it? They could just let it be part of his routine like the other mounts scratch or pick, or roar etc...

It would have been a nice addition to go with their other Tournament of Champions if they were to have dragon's and other areal mount battles.
I am Commander Bigeyez and Fire-Breathing Dragons are my favorite dragons in mythology.

Blizzard needs a travelers mammoth for Cata.

Everyone is flying so it needs to be a flying mount


Firebreathing dragon mount,
two passenger slots/vendors (but selling @ your rep price, not full price,
40k gold. Perhaps 25k if you already have mammoth. Like the Dalaran rings?

I'd make it 1% faster that the regular fast mounts because I am not a nice person and like to torment others. I.e., the 1% is not game changing, but the QQers would QQ. a lot.

Would you please use your vast powers as a blogger to make this happen?
@Hagu: If it's an upgrade to the mammoth, would the dragon be carrying the mammoth in its claws?
@Pangoria: pure genius!!!

You could have the vendors (or vendor due to the tougher economic times. Hakmund will be expecting it) in jumpseats behind me, My mammoth, or the passengers, would be carried in claws.

Now if only they would bring back the no fall damage feature to the mammoths.
@Hagu: Engineers could make consumable mount parachutes. Low failure rate. We promise.

Imagine the day the skies were filled with ten thousand mammoths floating down. And give or take one thousand rapidly plummeting to their deaths.
We need all old D&D breath weapons. Fire, Cone of Cold, electricity for the blue dragons, acid from the black ones, and whatever green ones did, poison I think. Minus 10 to all saving throws.
Excellent idea!
Hey, I'm a fan of them implementing firebreathing into the regular flying mounts as much as the next guy, but I just wanted to give you a reminder about one of the quests in Icecrown already.
Vile Like Fire! Vile at The Shadow Vault wants you to steal a Njorndar Proto-Drake and use it to set fire to 8 vrykul buildings in the greater Jotunheim region.
I bought a whole 3rd account so my daughter can fly a griffin and ride horses/tigers.
But not just fire. Green dragons should breath noxious gas, blues should breath icy mist, etc.

Of course this means that Iron-Bounds' would breath iron and violets would breath...hearts? So there are some holes.

Still element breathing dragons, rocket equipped heli's, machine guns mounted on choppers and Kodos...if Blizzard really wants us getting into vehicle combat, they should be reading this...
I think letting our youngest sibblings/family members helps highlight what works and doesn't work well in WoW. Ok, that's too specific.

Lets just say I let my 9 year old cousin play, and she likes to start new characters and explore their starting zones. She loves so swim in the water, or talk to NPCs. She also liked to intentionally kill herself to try and scare people as a ghost.

When she watches me play...she again wants me to kill myself to see me as a ghost. Although I think she gets just as much pleasure when I fall from huge heights.
From what I remember Death Knight starting area has a quest to fly around on a fire breathing dragon.
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