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Friday, June 18, 2010
Magic The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers

This week Magic The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers for the PC was released via Steam. I had preordered it, so I got the first expansion for free. I played only a few games yet, at medium difficulty level, and the AI is playing okay. As you can't really build killer decks (only modify pre-constructed decks with cards you unlock by winning games), the AI even wins often enough to be a challenge.

Of course DotP is only "Magic Light", and has a couple of flaws, like the limited deckbuilding, and the Co-Op campaign not available online. But you can play against your Steam friends. And overall the game is good value for money, at just $10 or €9. As somebody on the Steam forums remarked, the game comes with a voucher for a deck of Magic cards from your local store plus one promo card (that would be paper cards, an ancient technology used in the previous millenium), which are worth more than the purchase price of DotP. So after you sell those to one of the bearded geeks in said local store, you might even be richer than before you bought the game.

I'm not sure I'll play a lot, I kind of burned out of Magic a decade ago. But given the price, I can only recommend Duels of the Planeswalkers.
You must have played that a lot if a burnout still keeps your from playing it after a decade ;)
Is this the same version as the one released in 1998?
Even at max difficulty level (didn't realize answering truthfully that I had played a ton of M:TG would set the difficulty level), the AI isn't much of a challenge. Already beat all the opponents playing at Planeswalker level and unlocked all the decks of the game + expansion.

Playing online should provide a better challenge I hope.
Just because I'm bearded.....
Tobold, you should focus more on real life achievements. Playing with cards, virutal or real, won't get you anywhere on long term.
@Oktrane: I get the impression Tob is a fairly successful sciency guy with published papers. So yeah. I think he's got his 10 points for that.
I bought it and its a nice way to get my Magic fix without having to drop $400 on a competitive deck. Now if it only came with a library of cards and the ability to make my own decks it would be perfect.
I agree with Detour. You can already unlock the decks by paying for them, why not let you custom build your own?

I remember back in the day I had a really nasty black/blue deck which I called 'The Bruiser'. I only lost four or five games with it out of the hundreds I must have played. Ah happy days.
"I agree with Detour."

Well, of course you do. As do we all. However, I don't think it's in WoTC's best interests to provide a full-fledged competitor to its own MTGO at a $10 price point.
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