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Tuesday, September 07, 2010
MMO Melting Pot interviews Tobold

Rebecca Judd from MMO Melting Pot recently mailed me and asked me for an interview. I replied with a challenge, asking her to Google the existing interviews with me, and come up with some questions I haven't already answered before. She rose to that challenge admirably, thus her interview with me goes beyond the usual "how did you start blogging?" fare.

Hmmm, and now that she posted that, I should finish and publish that blog post about The Grind® I mentioned in the interview.
It was a good interview, I read it earlier before you posted this up.
Regarding the part about Jane McGonigal, did I totally misunderstand it? I thought that was more about utilizing gamers (although that should be just a small subset of gamers imo) to make a better world, rather than to affect gamers mentality to make a better world? Well you might reach the latter through the former but that's besides the point. ;) I agree that making "preachy" games doesn't work.

Nice interview though. :)
Nice interview!

I think this game looks very interesting, educational or not :)
Off-topic, but any thoughts/predictions on LOTRO going f2p this week?
Interesting stuff.

About general topics vs specific ones (especially flames): it's not that people don't have an opinion about the general stuff, it's that most don't know how to phrase or express it, while 'spoon feeding' people something like "what class is the best?" allows anyone to quickly throw out an opinion.

Quality vs quantity really, and both have their merits at times. Sometimes you DO just want to get a quick response about something from a lot of people, other times it's a topic that only a few can really approach and contribute to.

A good, entertaining blog will do both in moderation (the amount of course is completely based on both the writer and each individual reader, so you can never get it 'just right' for everyone)
I think it was a great request you had, asking her to come up with some new questions. It made the interview far more interesting. Good idea!
@Oscar - nice one. Looks worth a look. I'm thinking about picking one 'educational/serious' game and following its progress to do occasional updates over at MMO Melting Pot, to see what folks think of the genre and if opinions change as the game progresses. Thoughts welcome on that one :)

@Larisa - it also made the interview thoroughly interesting and more rewarding from my end. Cheers, Tobold, it was great working with you.
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