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Tuesday, September 07, 2010
Thought for the day: No, we're not!

Am I the only one who finds it strange that the first announcement in the August 2010 Producer's Letter of Warhammer Online is that WAR is *NOT* going Free2Play? Stay tuned for a series of exciting news announcements, I might reveal tomorrow that WoW isn't going Free2Play either!
A bit odd perhaps. But on the other hand: I think it IS genuinely surprising and newsworthy that they aren't going free to play :)
Cause every other 2nd tier MMO is going FTP?
I agree with Oscar and Toxic: There was reason for doubt. I am happy they do not introduce cash shops or similar stuff.

Almost a reason to try it out again and see what changed during the last months ;)
Yeah, but what does that say about the game if the devs feel the need to deny going Free2Play? Not exactly a vote of confidence in their own game, I'd say.

And what does it say about the MMORPG business in general if everybody automatically assumes that a game that can't hold a million subscribers must go Free2Play?
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I think the reason WAR made this sort of announcement is because everyone was constantly asking "when". It's not asked because of sub numbers, it's based on their CURRENT hybrid model.

WAR kind of created a little problem for themselves. Their "free to play" TIER 1 model is good enough to experience most of the game and continue to experience it while being stuck at lvl 10. So the population balance is also naturally lobsided [everyone is lvl 10, and it's a deadzone between lvl 12-39] and i guess even subscribers of WAR might be asking why not open the game up entirely to spread the population a bit...

..and in WAR, population is everything.
That sounds like a Suspiciously Specific Denial to me
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