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Saturday, February 11, 2012
Single-player games this week

I didn't buy Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning this week, although I might be tempted to buy it when it turns up at half price in a Steam sale. I played the demo, and didn't like the user-interface that was made for consoles. And while I could see some positive qualities, KoAR is no Skyrim. Metacritic gives it 10 points less on average for the different versions, which is a notable difference.

Instead I went and bought Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. The "real-time, but stop the game at any time you want to give orders" compromise between turn-based and real-time games is one I can live with. In absolute terms Jagged Alliance is probably a worse game than KoAR, but roleplaying games are a dime a dozen these days, while strategy / tactical games that aren't purely real-time are extremely rare. Until Firaxis releases their XCOM remake, I don't really have all that many options. But maybe the tide will turn: Two companies releasing XCOM games, and two Jagged Alliance remakes in 2012 is a good sign.
I loved the original XCOM, didn't know a remake was in the works, I will have to watch out for it. Now if only someone would remake Elite!
While on the subject of single player games Have you tried Spacechem? Don't worry it really has very little to do with chemistry so it won't feel too much like work!
please post a review, how you like JA:Back in Action. I am tempted but the reviews were not so good, so i did not buy it yet.
I downloaded the Demo, but did not try it out yet, as i am strill deep into SW:ToR.
Would be very interested how you like the game.
Question to you Tobold, kind of off topic. I remember you talking about Duel of Planeswalker, can you play that off line?

I'm about to deploy and I'm looking for "off line" or LAN games to play. Any suggestions would be great.
Wait, Firaxis is re-making X-COM?! Why did I not already know this?!

Can't wait. I hope they stay true to the turn based combat of the original.
@Savrukk: I think your perceptions will be really coloured by whether you played the original Jagged Alliance. Back in Action is a very faithful remake, with a few toys they probably wished they had at the time, and a few bits that were less fun than frustrating thrown out. It doesn't have the same polish as some other games released out there at the moment, but it's light years ahead of the other 'spiritual successor' that came out... what. 2010? (I forget its name, it was just bad.) Haven't encountered any show-stopping or annoying bugs yet, either.

@Tobold: Wait... 2 Jagged Alliance games? What's the other?
@Cam: There is a "Jagged Alliance Online" browser game in beta.
Hi there Tobold,

About turned based strategy games :

I love a free game that works on Mac, PC and Ipad (4 Frs for the latter). It's called Battle of Wesnoth, tried it too ? It's even multiplayer if you so wish, simple to play but complex to win. It comes with tons of varied campaigns too.

Another one I love is King’s Bounty: Crossworlds. I played it for months, too damn addictive grr.

Sorry I don't make many comments here, I stopped playing MMORPGs years ago. I still read your blog often though :)

I remember XCom games, they were fun, and I might try out Jagged Alliance after a few more Wesnoth Campaigns ...

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