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Monday, February 13, 2012
Who said TERA has no innovation?

I am not in the TERA beta, although I might have a look at that game when it goes into open beta. The game seems to be pretty enough, but otherwise rather standard. And the "Asian MMORPG" look isn't for everybody, upskirt screenshots notwithstanding. But now I've actually found some interesting news about the game: Their login waiting queue gives you an xp bonus!

Now that is a good idea. You might say that bonus xp stop to be interesting once you reach the endgame, but by that time the queue problem usually has solved itself in any MMORPG. Login queues are a typical first-week problem, when all the buyers want to play at once. And assuming that those most eager to get in are those who consider MMORPGs as a weird kind of race, giving them xp bonus for queuing makes total sense. Why has nobody thought of this before?
Compensating customers for substandard quality of service is all well and good, but I'm worried whether the system could cause more harm by encouraging people to queue. Maybe they could offer a bigger XP bonus for your next play session if you relinquished your spot in the queue?
Damn, that's unimmersive .. oh .. wrong genre :)
I have pre0order the collectors edition and I have played in Beta all weekend..

I am not currently seeking of innovative ideas really, and I can't share the concerns of people who are bored of quests like "kill x things" or "gather x of these", really what would the alternative?Dynamic events?but its the still have to kill x things or gather x things..the only difference is the way you receive these is clearly psychological

As for Tera, the graphics are awesome..I know most of the people say they prefer gameplay over graphics but I can never understand why a million dollar company cannot make a game that have both..Tera also have awesome combat..action style..I was playing an Archer and I had to aim the target..the cross was very big though you cannot compare it to an fps games, I don't like fps games either way :P

I think we must start thinking graphics as innovating feature cause seems like developers have stayed in the 90's and have fanboys attack you in every forum that someone asks for better graphics...
No one thought of it because no one wants to admit they have a problem with queues.

In any case, xp is a dead concept and part of the problem in these games.
Well, on the one hand, its a creative take on the problem, and I like it. BUT, on the other hand, as Shawno says, maybe we need to rethink XP in general.
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