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Thursday, December 20, 2012
Battle of the Bulge on iPad

I've been playing the recently released Battle of the Bulge on my iPad. The game has caused some excitement, because it is a somewhat curious beast: An accessible wargame. Usually wargames are made by grognards for grognards (official term for a veteran wargamer), and tend to come with 200 page manuals you need to read before you can start. Battle of the Bulge is playable for people with no experience in wargames whatsoever after just reading through 5 screens of basic instructions. If you need more hand-holding, there is a tutorial and even day-by-day strategy videos on YouTube.

While being accessible, Battle of the Bulge is very much a classic wargame in which you move your tanks and infantry over a map, attacking the enemy frontline, establishing supply lines, going for victory conditions. It is very well designed for the touchscreen, you just drag and drop your armies with your fingers. Rules and controls are easy, but the strategy isn't, which is how it should be.

Battle of the Bulge is $9.99 in the iTunes store, which is on the high end for an iPad game, but still cheap compared to a PC wargame. My only complaint is that there aren't many scenarios. In fact there is only one map, which can be played in a short game or a longer game, from both sides. After starting out with a few losses and a draw, I managed to win the short game from either side, so it is doable by people with a general interest in strategy games, without being wargame veterans. Recommended!

That looks kind of awesome.

A long time ago I played the paper Avalon-Hill BotB and have fond memories of turn based games.
I'll check it out but 9.99 for a single map looks like too much. I could get Panzer General I and II for $5 at GOG.
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