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Friday, December 21, 2012
Steam sale publisher packs

As every year, the Steam Christmas sale has so-called publisher packs on offer: Bundles of games from the same publisher, for between 25 and 90 Euro/Dollar (apparently Steam still has that stupid 1 Euro = 1 Dollar policy). Every time I see those bundles, two contradicting thoughts go through my head:
  1. This is a lot of good games for the money
  2. I already own most of the good games on that list, this bundle isn't for me.
Even the bankruptcy-induced super-cheap THQ bundle wasn't for me, instead I just bought Darksiders 1 from the list. Well, in the end it is probably better that way. My Steam library is full of games I haven't found the time to play yet. Too many games, too little time!

your last sentence reminds me a phrase of Jack Nickolson and gave me a huge laugh :) "So much to do and so little time" haha
I was positively surprised when I saw adjusting bundle prices taking into account already owned games! Thus you are only paying for the games you do not already own, making it much more attractive.

Unfortunately it seems unlikely Steam changing its current policy to something as customer-friendly...
Keep in mind that seeing the awful 1:1 dollar/euro conversion is quite common, online. Apple being one of the most noticeable, for example.
When I bought a couple bundle deals from Steam during their Thanksgiving weekend sale, everything I already owned was flagged in my cart and I had to choose to "remove" it or purchase it "for a friend" before it would allow me to complete the sale and the bundle price was adjusted accordingly.
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