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Friday, March 22, 2013
What reader will you use after Google?

The announced closing of Google's Reader caused a lot of people to jump to alternative solutions, for example Feedly reported gaining half a million new users. I'd love to tell you which alternative I find the best, but up to now Feedly is the only one I actually got working. Both Netvibes and The Old Reader were down at some point, and when they were working later this week, they hung up on trying to import my Google Reader subscription.xml file. I hear similar stories of other services, being overrun by new users that end up bringing their servers down.

What has your experience with alternative RSS readers been? Did you get any to work? Which one did you prefer?

I am already using Feedly on my Chromebook. But while it is usable on a laptop, it is less so on a mobile (mainly because I don't like the mobile layout).

And I started to dislike using stand-alone apps for RSS since the combination of continuously changing devices I have to use and not being allowed to actually install a RSS reader on them without filling forms is a winner for web-based ones.
To be honest i am waiting for something new since i didn't like feedly that much. I just can't get used to the UI, never mind the fact that it uses an obscene amount of memory in chrome task manager.

If nothing new comes up i will most probably switch to that by the end of june.
I switched to NetNewsWire on my Mac back when Google started eliminating services. It works fine for what I use it for.
I'm also trying out feedly, and I quite like it, especially the fact that I don't have to do anything about transferring over my reader feeds - it just does it.

I really like it's web interface but I'm in two minds about the Android mobile app, which I find to be a bit too swish when all I want is something to easily read mostly text feeds.

I'm also a bit wary of how they'll work out the finance, since it can just be free forever. I don't mind paying something, but for example the 24$/year Newsblur charge is too much.
I liked what I saw from feedly, but I fnd it unacceptable that it requires to install a plugin to use. There is absolutely no reason why that is required. I just want to read news feeds, I do not want them to force additional toolbars and buttons down my throat. So feedly is not an option for me.
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Digg has basically said that they will be pushing their reader up in priority which may be too little too late but in terms of pure functionality the combination of 'email client for rss' and popularity ranking could be the perfect match: reader like for barreling through loads of 'internet'. Popularity voting to create the magazine-style layout for discoverability.
I have settled on Feedly. I slightly prefer The Old Reader but there's no way of syncing it with my Android phone and that's a deal breaker for me.
Feedly has been the least worst option for now.
Feedly didn't work properly for me. It did glitchy stuff like duplicating entries, and I disliked the interface. It seemed clunky. But maybe that's just the Chrome extension version.

I've moved out of the cloud and onto a desktop application - FeedDemon. It seems to work perfectly well, and you can back-up the feeds to an opml file which I can pass via Dropbox onto any other computers if I want the same data. I don't tend to use more than one machine anyway, so it works for me.
I've been a very happy NewsBlur user for a year or so now, though they've had some growing pains with the recent flood of new users. It's a paid service, but at $24/yr I think it's cheap, and I hope the money will keep the developer interested in the project.
I installed Tiny Tiny RSS on one of my servers and so far its the best experience, if still not up to Reader. Its android app is particularly disappointing to me. =/
I am using Feedly, but it's a little slow and I have to refresh to get the latest unreads.'

I like the look and feel of it though, at least in Chrome. I am also not a fan of the background app it installed (kinda anal about systray stuff).
There is a website dedicated to allowing people to vote for their favourite alternative

NewsBlur & Feedly are the top two candidates righ tnow
Thog not use feeder. Thog only understand pull. Thog scared of push media.
Feedly was quick and easy. Like you I tred Old Reader and a few others, but they were not as good. I do find that i have to change the default view for Feedly to be a list view, as the newspaper view irritates me at the moment.
I have taken this option too. The only thing it needs is either a better tablet web interface or apps supporting its API. Personally I don't mind the android mobile app.
We've got a few months before we have to switch. I'm treating that as a few months for other people to test the various alternatives and see which ones measure up. No need to be an early adopter here! :)
I've been loving Old Reader. its almost like Google Reader!
I don't use feeds or readers sorry. :(
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