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Thursday, March 21, 2013
Wildstar trailer

I watched the new Wildstar trailer and was struck by two thoughts: First how much the game looked like World of Warcraft (with Team Fortress 2 characters). And second how the trailer promised us every feature a MMORPG could possibly have. I am extremely sceptical about this huge list of features. It seems to me as if Wildstar will be yet another game that over-promises and then under-delivers. As if the genre didn't have enough of those already.
Yet-another-wow-clone, I agree. It's amazing how they just copy-pasted the art style. Some scenes seem to be taken in Nagrand.
I was thinking the same thing. I signed up for the beta....I never beta games I know I want to play, I like to beta the ones I'm either on the fence about, or am sure are going to be great steaming piles, and the beta is my chance to confirm that. Wildstar smacks of "elegantly polished steaming pile of WoW clone with vague scifi trappings."
Well it IS ex-Blizzard and Mythic people working on the game...
It's very WoW-like, but then a cartoony style has a lot of advantages in terms of accessibility to target machines, and the ability to devote resources to more than the graphics.

The overall game design is obviously WoW-like too. But really, isn't that the smart thing to do if you are targeting the mass market, rather than directing some singular vision at a niche market? Both are legitimate concepts.
I am honestly very sick of Directx9-cartoonish style. We're in 2013, we could push a little more.
Played this game on friday at PAX. It was terrible, the combat was very wow-ish, but more clunky. That could be fixed by launch, the more glaring issue was the general direction the game was taking. Wow clone is truely the only way to describe this game right now.
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