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Friday, October 11, 2013
Newbie Blogger Initiative: Blog Layout

Just a short advice post for new bloggers, based on one of the dirty little secrets of gaming blogging: Most of your readers will read your blog from their work computers during office hours. When they are at home on their gaming computers, they'll rather play games than read about them. In consequence it is advised to keep your blog "safe for work": No sound, few graphics, and a color layout that looks sufficiently neutral to look like a serious website from a distance. Your readers will thank you for that!

I literally read this from my work computer.
Yup, reading from work here too.
Not reading from work, but from what I think is probably an increasing source of blog readers, my smartphone. Tobolds advice applies equally well for that.
But what if you work in the porn industry? If the page you're looking at is not full of gyrating nudes, your boss will instantly know you're slacking.
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