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Saturday, October 12, 2013
Slumber Stories

I don't normally promote Kickstarter projects, because I am mainly interested in video games, and video game projects have a long tradition of being late, over budget, and coming out rather different than promised. But in the case of Slumber Stories I decided to make a difference, because this project is about sets of wooden dice. The project appears immediately realistic, needs just $,1000 CAD, and even the shipping cost are spelled out.

The principle of Slumber Stories is easy: You roll the dice and make up a story with the random pictures you rolled. As the name suggests that can be for bedtime stories, but you can also play this with your children during the day. You could even use the dice to help you create stories for roleplaying games. This looks like a wonderful toy, especially if you want to promote your children's creativity.

Something like this already exists, and can be had for about $7 on Amazon.

Rory's Story Cubes

I bought them for my Niece and Nephews last Christmas -- we had a lot of fun.
Yes, I see on your link there is something similar to Slumber Stories. However, I would like to comment that Slumber Stories are made of upcycled/recycled materials, they are also hand made. They are bright and colorful, which I believe would be more appealing to children. And Slumber Stories offer the option to have a custom set made which would be great for some of the RPG's out there. But I do appreciate your comment, it's interesting to see that there is a similar product out there :)
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