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Monday, June 09, 2014
The Snugg executive case for iPad Air review

*FTC Disclosure: This review is based on a free review copy I received from The Snugg*

When I bought my iPad Air, I bought the official Apple smart case to go with it. I regretted that decision later. Not only was the smart case rather expensive, and I didn't really like the available colors, but it also turned out that the damn thing didn't even fit well. If you close the smart case normally you either get a spot in the middle where the cover doesn't touch the screen, or if you straighten that out you see that the side of the hinge doesn't touch the screen. The bad fit causes the magnetic lid to not stay on and to not always work in shutting down the iPad.

So when The Snugg wrote me and asked whether I wanted to test one of their iPad cases, I just happened to be interested in that kind of product, and agreed. They sent me the electric blue Snugg Executive Case for the iPad Air (iPad 5). Already the color is a huge improvement over Apple's washed out blue (and The Snugg has a wider range of color available). But the main thing is that it is in many ways a different product than the smart case. The iPad Air in the Snugg leather case is nearly a centimeter thicker than in the smart case, and about 100 grams heavier. The upside of that is that it looks a lot less blatantly obvious like an iPad, and more like a filofax, which potentially might reduce its attraction to thieves. Choose a more serious color and it doesn't look out of place in a business meeting, which is probably why they called it executive case.

The thicker leather comes with some extra features: A stylus holder, and places to put things like business cards or pieces of paper, although as this is between the cover and the iPad the thickness is obviously limited. The Snugg case has a hand strap in case you are one of the people who like to walk around with the iPad held in one hand. And the case has a latch at the back into which you can fold the cover; that results in two very stable stand positions for your iPad, one flatter angle useful for typing, one steeper angle for watching videos or talking on FaceTime. For balancing an expensive iPad I much prefer that sort of latch to the magnetic-only fixation of other cases.

The Snugg case does have magnetic fixation of the cover, and it works: You can hold the thing upside down and the cover doesn't fall off. You can also put the case in a bag without the cover slipping off and the iPad turning itself on. But in all fairness I have to remark that with the Snugg executive case just like with the smart case on closing the cover I did not have a 100% success rate in the magnet shutting down the iPad. I'd say it works "better", but if you close it somewhat limply the magnetic lock doesn't engage. Other than that the Snugg cover works very well. Recommended!

IMO, this is a good example of how reviews by people who normally write an opinion blog should be done...

First, you got a free product and you disclosed that fact. You blog for free, so as a reader, I'm glad to see you get a perk for your effort.

Second, if you hadn't of liked the product, you likely just wouldn't have written anything at all. No harm, no foul. After all, I'm sure The Snugg would prefer your silence over a negative review.

So it's only really in the scenario you actually like something someone sent you and would actually recommend it that you feel compelled to make a blog entry.

If I'm cynical, I could argue that you wouldn't have made any review at all if you bought it yourself, but I'll refer to my first point -- I appreciate the blog and I'm happy for you if it comes with the occasional perk.

Now all that said, I'm a big fan of Otterbox and SEIDIO cases. :)
"econd, if you hadn't of liked the product, you likely just wouldn't have written anything at all. No harm, no foul. "

Is that an option? If it stinks, can you say it stinks? Can you be silent (they ARE giving it to you in exchange for a review)? or is your only option a bland review if it stinks?
I would say it is somewhere in between. On the one hand, if the product stinks, I would say it. On the other hand, if someone offered me a free product to review and already from the description I think the product isn't any good (or not relevant to the blog), I don't accept doing the review in the first place.
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