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Friday, June 06, 2014
Wildstar Journal - Day 5

I love it when a plan works. My Wildstar money making scheme, while complicated and time intensive, did pay off big in the end. In a change from when I tried it in beta, the power cores that the technologist now makes are blue name. And if you use them to smith a weapon, you get a blue name weapon. Sure, the name itself is the same whether it is written in white, green, or blue. But not only are the stats on the blue weapon much better, making them easier to sell on the AH, but also the NPC vendor price goes up. So I didn't even need to wait for the AH to make a quick 20 gold and buy a mount. I took the raptor for my draken warrior, to stick with the WoW troll theme. I'll take the hamster ball for the chua esper.

As that worked out so well for the refined quartz power cores, I started to wonder whether I wouldn't be able to get to refined sapphire power cores. So I moved my warrior to the level 16+ zone and started farming herbs. And it worked, I quickly got enough herbs to send to my technologist alt and learn the second tech tree up to sapphire power cores. That in turn enabled me to craft for myself a level 15 blue weapon which is probably best-in-slot at this level for a warrior. And I have the power cores to keep training weaponsmithing while making profitable weapons.

The only annoying part of this was that riding around in a new zone without questing fills your quest log even if you don't want to. By just turning up somewhere you get the quests "phoned in", and if you don't accept them they just end up on a different to do list of unanswered calls. I will have to sort that out later. But this weekend I won't be playing, I'll be out in the sun instead.

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