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Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Would you recommend World of Warcraft to me?

28 hours left on my "free" Warlords of Draenor subscription, and I will soon need to decide whether I want to pay for a regular subscription again. I already bought the expansion, and the $15 per month doesn't make a financial difference to me. But I'm still somewhat undecided.

What I would want to do if I subscribed would be:
  • Play my fury warrior through all the Draenor quests
  • Change his now useless alchemy profession to blacksmithing.
  • Get my priest far enough into Draenor so that he can have his own garrison
  • Play my frost mage through Pandaria and into Draenoer
  • Ultimately get all three of those characters to level 100
I'm certainly not going to start raiding or anything like that, and I'm unsure how interesting the end game activities for non-raiders are in this expansion. But I sure like the garrison mini-game. And even if questing isn't the most interesting thing to do, it isn't in any way hard, so it can be kind of relaxing too.

The alternative to World of Warcraft would be to give up on MMORPGs until EQ Next comes out, and play through my large library of unplayed Steam games. Which I will do in any case, just a lot slower if I also play WoW. Even casually played, World of Warcraft eats up a lot of time.

So what do you think? Would you recommend me to keep playing World of Warcraft?

I definitely have fun with Warlords of Draenor.

At level 100 there are garrison invasions, follower missions, follower levelling, all kinds of crafting, the quest to build your own auctioneer in your garrison (quite an accomplishment), reputation grinds, the ability to run very easy LFR (everyone agrees it is easier than MoP LFR), the garrison campaign questline, possibly liberation of Shattrath in the future, some unknown Druids of the Talon nesting in your garrison, there is a spare land plot that may be occupied by some unknown building in the future, there are quite interesting quests that introduce you to apexis crystal daily areas, healing is quite good now due to larger health pools and less damage, there are epic followers to get from dungeons and from the inn's quests, Blizzard mentioned (unless I am mistaken) we will be able to manage our alts' garrisons in some future in order to make the garrison management less tedious for those that have multiple alts...

Hell of a lot of things to do. And questing is quite nice. I like it a lot. Particularly the cinematics that you can rewatch later in your garrison.
If it makes no financial difference, then it's the same as it being free. So take up the free thing.
I'd say no. You don't sound enthusiastic about it at all. You sound like you'd just be playing to kill time, and end up resenting the game.

There's lots of other interesting games. There's lots of flawed other games out there as well. Refresh yourself by dipping into some new games.
Only you can decide, in the end. I am subscribed, and will be for the foreseeable future, but playing very very lightly, since I don't find the end game content all that compelling, and as such I only play what is "new" (for me). That said, I haven't run out of "new" yet.

Some people however can't aren't able to justify to themselves paying for a game and just playing a few hours per week. If you are like that, I would advice stopping until the next patch, and just subscribing for a month there (or you may have 10 days free again, I don't know).
Everything you wrote about WoW was negative. We can't even hope that it will change at the endgame as you won't raid.

So you either won't play or be one of the "I played 1000 hours and hated every second" bloggers.
It is already bad in your mind, and nothing will change that
As you don't seem enthusiastic, I would suggest trying other games to broaden your perspective. There is are a lot of good ideas out there and each game usually has a few that others' don't.
If you have nothing new (in terms of mechanics or gameplay) to learn from WoW then move on.
I would say no. It feels like there is less to do at max level than in previous expansions. It's fun to get to max level, the questing game got better compared to pandas, but endgame is more raid focused.

The dungeons are actually pretty decent this time, but there's no point running them, after you see each once and do the legendary questline. Heroic dungeon gear isn't an upgrade from garrison mission/crafted gear, and there aren't any other rewards. No badges of justice or valor point or apexis or whatever. They end up feeling like a waste of time, since they give no measurable progress.

I found myself logging in once a day to get my garrison mining and start new garrison missions. Then I got bored and gave it up. I still have an occasional nagging voice saying I should go level a new alt, see the whole world again, but I keep it quiet by feeding on all the new games I got during the steam sale.
Well you have a to-do list so that's a plus (I only get excited at the prospect of deleting the game entirely right now). OTOH this is a really great time to explore older MMOs and see where they are at. My tastes definitely run a bit differently than yours....I'm all about ESO and Marvel Heroes right now, for example.....but I suspect if you went and re-explored other games out there (most of which are free) you might find it more rewarding.
The answer is really answering two questions:

1.) If you had 30 more days, would you log in frequently.

2.) Would you be having fun while you were logged in?

If those two answers are yes, it's happy fun resub time!
I hope you do, because then you will blog about it, and I will enjoy reading those posts more than your other computer based gaming posts (and almost as much as your Favourites of Selune posts).

I would achieve the objectives you describe, leaving you with a couple of 100s for the next expansion. If you are having fun, carry on. If not pause. But is does sound as if you have some mileage yet!
It depends on what you bring into the game.

IMO, it is extremely unlikely you will play the entire expansion. Nor does it seem likely that it will change your mind back regarding MMOs. If you look for reasons to unsubscribe, then there are many. MMOs are far short of what they could be with many arguments they are not even what they were.

OTOH, if you are not looking for a MMO 2009 experience, then for trivial money you will get considerable game experiences in the overwhelmingly largest MMO.
I am also a returning lapsed player who once thought that he would never play WoW again. I have been playing constantly for the past month. The thing that has gotten me to play at the level cap is the garrison. Garrison building (along with the daily quests and so on ) has held my interest.
Callan S is absolutely correct. Why is this even a decision? You make it clear the financial aspect is a complete non-issue. WoW is therefore in exactly the same situation as any free-to-play MMO where you're concerned.

When it comes to F2P MMOs one doesn't make a decision in advance whether to play and then consider oneself bound by that decision. You play it as and when the mood takes you, ad hoc, on a whim. That's the whole point of F2P.

If you feel at any given moment that you would enjoy playing WoW you just sub and play. A decision of the nature you're describing is only meaningful if the financial transaction involved is meaningful and you've stated it's not.

So do whatever you want and change your mind as often as you want.
It just depends how much you like the questing so far (assuming you finished the first zone) and whether you think you'd be interested in building out your garrison. For me the garrison game was not interesting enough to keep going at 100, but the handful of weeks of questing I played on the way there - soloing every elite and rare - were worth it. So we are seeing different things in the expansion.

Also for what it's worth I've heard LFR is ultra-tourist mode this xpac, as in finish the whole thing in a half hour with basically no performance requirement, making it probably even easier than normal dungeons. So you can at least see the full story line at cap without any obligation.

From reading your posts so far I'd say the game sort of has you hooked again, but you're grumpy about it.
Do you have friends to play with (either PvP or raid)?

If so, yes.

If not, no.
Once I hit 100 and realized that at 100 the only thing to do is raid, PvP, and kill random rare mobs that don't award much I kind of lost interest.

The funny thing about Warlords is for me getting to 100 was awesome but now that I'm there its meh.

The garrison stuff is ok but not enough for me to play everyday. Even if I did do that everyday the 100 missions take a crazy amount of time to complete so it would be log on for five minutes send followers on missions then do nothing.

Besides eventually logging on to do lfr a few times I don't see me playing WoW everyday with so little to do at 100.

I'll just say it now. I miss daily quests.
I've been playing since a month before the expansion hit. I detested the MoP combat system, but as soon as the stat squish and combat system change occured I was all in.

I've levelled one toon to 100 and I really enjoyed the quests along the way. The garrison is an excellent distraction for me. Between it and the daily dungeon quests given by the NPC's at my inn, I have an ample 2-3 hours worth of content to keep me busy, and that time commitment is right at my sweet spot - toleration wise.

There are also random quests that will appear, such as the Trials of Yrel questline that my innkeeper just gave to me.(I'm assuming it's random since I have no idea what I did to trigger it) But it's nice that quests just come out of nowhere like that.

LFR content is super easy, but premade normal mode or heroic raids are of palatable difficulty, and the "noob factor" is significantly reduced since most premades screen for ILevel and achievements after you apply for a spot. The /kick feature hasnt been a problem for me as a healer. I see it being used mostly on AFK'ers or Hunters/Locks who dont know what proper pet/minion control is all about. I think we can all agree that if a raid leader has to remind a hunter to disable Aspect more than once or twice, then a /kick is more than warranted(as an example).

Knowing you, Tobold, I think the premade runs would be right up your alley...and you can start your own at anytime and initially populate from your friends or guild list to get things going.

What I like most, and what I think Tobold would find most enjoyable, is that the Garrison advances along a storyline that keeps you just connected enough (with the slow, unraveling questlines) to prevent it from being viewed as a chore.

Since you have only spent 10 days finding things that you consider un-enjoyable, I say give it at least a 30-day sub and see if you can find things that you do enjoy about the expansion.

Whatever you decide, a postmortem post or three is required. =P
I rejoin neowolf2: do you have any friend who can share the experience?

MMOs compare badly to single-player games, as they are not 100% designed for solo play, so if you have noone to share the experience with, I'd say don't play it.

I'm sure you'd get some solid entertainment out of it, with those goals. Maybe a month, maybe a few months (depending what sort of hours you play), but I'm sure you'd enjoy it.
I'm not sure what the point is of a recommendation one way or the other. You are already playing the game. If you're enjoying it more than the other options, just continue to play. You've already said that finances aren't a consideration.

That said, there is certainly very little to be done at endgame if you don't raid or PvP. You can continue to slowly progress with garrison missions and a couple dailies, but I wouldn't really call that gripping content.

Ultimately, if you just continue playing until you no longer enjoy the levelling game, then immediately quit, you won't be missing out on much.
Probably not. I mean I'm an ex-WoW addict and a lover of old school games. I discovered a little game called FTL: Faster than Light.

I would recommend that a lot more to you than WoW.

Pausable RT tactical spaceship game. Extremely well-balanced. And hard. 's Better than WoW.
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