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Saturday, April 11, 2015
4 x 100

As far as reasons go to level a character to 100, I might just have found the silliest one: I leveled my shadow priest to 100 because he had been in the mid-90's for so long, he ran out of bank space for the various level 100 gear reward tokens from follower missions. I hated the idea to vendor them for 5 gold instead of the full converted value, or missing out on some surprise when converting them to real items. But as conversion is only possible at level 100, I had to play the shadow priest some more.

The priest is probably still my least favorite character of the four level 100s I have now. But I found that towards the end of the 90's his performance got better. I'll see how he does against level 100 elite mobs when I have my barn upgraded to level 3, but he might just do okay.

Funny! This is exactly why I am leveling another alt to 100. I got him into the 90s and he's been accumulating those tokens.
I found that gear had about as big an impact as class, and if your shadow priest is overloaded with tokens his gear might be pretty good for a character that has never raided. I will also be curious to see how he stacks up.
I have a warrior at 96 who is slowly building up epic tokens from the missions. All the 5g rare tokens get vendored. Sure I don't get as much gold/dust as I would get at 100 but that doesn't bug me enough to play a class I don't like. 5g is more than 0g and not playing him is better than not having fun while playing him.
Turns out the priest is still the weakest. He can kill the elite riverbeasts but not the elite wolves, as the wolves deal far more damage and his shields and self-healing can't keep up with that.
I know you turned your back on group content, but you can always find groups in the dungeon tool. You are not the only player with a weak toon, just imagine how fast it would go if 5 of your priests work together.
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