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Monday, April 13, 2015
Alternative uses for WoW tokens

Talarian was musing whether he could make a profit by speculating with WoW tokens. Buying tokens for gold and reselling them for gold isn't possible. But you can buy subscription time for gold when tokens are cheap, and buy tokens for dollars and convert them to gold when tokens are expensive. The market would need to move a lot for that to work, because the tokens cost $20 for a $15 subscription, but in theory it is possible.

I had another idea on an alternative use for a WoW token: Transferring money between alts on different servers or different factions. The principle is the same as Talarian's idea: One character trades gold for a token, while another character buys a token for dollars and trades it for gold. Again you take that $5 hit, but that is cheaper than some other ways of transferring gold. Note that between factions you can transfer gold for a 5% fee via the auction house, but you need a second account or a trusted friend for that. I used a second account with a 10-day free trial recently and that worked fine.

From the current chart on I am wondering whether prices are stabilizing. The peaks are getting less high, and there is a trend towards a stabilization around 22k. But what I am even more interested in is when the WoW token will come to Europe. I'm looking forward to that.

Yeah, even though I got my tokens SUPER cheap, the market's stabilizing way too low to actually capitalize on my theory. It'd really have to jump up to 30k again to really make any profit. Probably closer to 40k - 50k before it's remotely worth it.

Now, transferring gold between realms is a much more pragmatic use.
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If I was using gold to buy tokens I would use it to get recruit a friend mounts.
If I gold-buy one token on my main I get 28 days of game-time. If I buy a second account (Currently $10), transfer some gold and buy two tokens I get 28 days on my main, one mount and 3 months on a second account. Even throwing away the second account that's an incremental cost of $10 + 1 token for a mount.
After the server mergers, I don't think the price discrepancy is as large now, but if there were a large enough price discrepancy you could load up the mats on the cheap realm and spend $25 to transfer them. If you make more than two tokens of profit, you came out ahead.

Note that there is already realm gold laundering in the game - buy/cage a pet on one realm and sell on another. But I can see the token being a simple way to move gold from a realm you no longer play on.
It is possible to buy battle pets on one realm, add them to your collection, put in cage on the other realm and sell there. You can lose (or earn) difference but without need to spend any real money.
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