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Friday, June 29, 2018
I just accidentally bought some games

I subscribed to the June Humble Bundle Monthly in order to get Destiny 2 for $12. Then I forgot to unsubscribe. So I just received a mail that I was charged another $12 for the July bundle, containing Hearts of Iron IV, Blackwake, and Portal Knights plus some unknown other games. Hmmm, I didn't really want to buy that, not even for $12. Guess that will teach me to pay more attention to subscriptions and to cancel them early enough.

Have you ever accidentally bought games you didn't want?

My wife accidentally bought us a subscription to Highlights by not calling to cancel it after she signed up for something. We don't have children . . .
Can't you just ask for a refund ?
I bought Hellgate: London sight unseen at a local game store, only to find out it was region-locked.

To say it taught me quite a few lessons about doing my research and waiting for a couple months after launch might be an understatement, not to mention put me off brick-and-mortar stores for good.

Humble Bundle Monthlys aren't usually too bad, if you go into it with the idea that you're going to get a bunch of not-totally-broken games that someone else has curated for you as worth playing, that you might like but would not have went for on your own. Things like Slime Rancher, RUINER and The Witness fall on that list for me.

It does help if you do want the revealed game(s) for $12 and the rest is a bonus, but if one or two of the unrevealed games is worth $12 for you, it's a decent rationalization excuse.
And so Tobold learns the purpose of subscription services
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