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Sunday, February 10, 2019
World of Tanks matchmaker balancing

The matchmaker of World of Tanks has been changed several times over the years, and in a developer's diary further changes were announced. Since patch 1.4 I have installed a new mod pack, and one of the features is calculating a "win chance" from the WN8 scores of the players on both side. And however flawed using WN8 or Wargaming's own WGR score might be, that "win chance" indicator clearly shows two things: That a) when a large imbalance exists, the side with the "better" players is extremely likely to win, and b) the matchmaker doesn't appear to include any of those skill scores, not even their own.

I do wonder in how far that is working as intended. Extremely unbalanced games are very fast, don't block much time for the losers, and are quick fun for the winners. More balanced games take a lot longer. Of course more balanced games can be more nail-bitingly exciting, at least for those tanks that survive long.

In general the problem with matchmaking algorithms is that the more conditions you introduce, the longer people have to wait in a queue to play. However the addition of the WGR score to match balancing would be easy enough: The current matchmaker already gives you two lists of equivalent tanks, and one could just switch a few tanks from one team to another to balance the skill better. I think that would make the game somewhat better.


I'm think that preventing/lowering chance of loss streaks is better overall for retention then occasional lopsided matches.
It's my opinion that the lopsided nature of the matchmaker is by design as is also the rng. Ever looked at the stats of a crushing defeat and seen 30 shots fired 16 hits 4 pens? And it's similar for most of the losing side then next game it's 18 shots 17 pens and your team goes 15 for 3 ? People talk about "rigged" like a conspiracy and I am not saying that. What I am saying is that by design some matchs are deliberately make roflstomp for the health of the game and that the skill is to recognise when your in one. When I see we are going to win easily I go hyperaggressive and get 5 kills. When losing hang back farm damage and use my teammates hit points to last as long as I can. Try to get my target damage for the match even if I have to ram something for it.

So why by design? Same reason twink bgs were dead in wow and people just queued xp unlocked bgs with full heirlooms and when the alt hit 80 delete it and mail the heirlooms to the new level one "twink" . People say they want fair matchs but they don't. It's fun to pwn. It's why eve gameplay revolves around ganking wether it is solo small gang or dropping capital ships on the smaller guy.
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