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Friday, May 10, 2019
Missions in World of Tanks

When I restarted World of Tanks last Christmas, I was very excited about the game now having these missions and campaigns of “quests” to do. I recently finished the first campaign, but I am already a lot less enthusiastic about them. Missions don’t really seem to add anything to the game. While in other games, let’s say World of Warcraft, the quests made you explore places you otherwise would have missed, in World of Tanks missions just ask you to fulfill the role of your tank. That meant the first campaign was somewhat helpful as a tutorial, but once you know what each tank type is supposed to do, missions became just the equivalent of “play well”.

There isn’t really a good reason *not* to have activated a campaign mission for whatever tank type you are currently playing. If you have a good game, chances are that you will fulfill your mission at the same time, and get some extra reward. The non-campaign missions, like the new premium account daily missions or the event missions, are even more along the lines of just play and get extra rewards. So in the end of course the extra rewards are nice, but the campaigns and missions didn’t actually change anything in the way you are playing. Except that to finish the campaign I had to play artillery for two days to get through the 15 artillery missions, which I otherwise might not have done. Curiosly I am better at playing arty than some other tank types, but I don’t enjoy it as much.

I was thinking that missions which would give people goals in battle that have nothing to do with the regular game would probably be a bad idea. You wouldn’t want your team to lose because some players were concentrated on collecting easter eggs instead of fighting. So that probably limits what the developers can do with a mission system in the game. But the result is that I now just more or less ignore the campaign and missions, and just cash in on the extra rewards which I earn without even trying.


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