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Saturday, May 11, 2019
Progress vs. playing what you like

This month in World of Tanks there is a Top of the Tree event that speeds up progress along the British medium tank line. The only problem with that is that it turns out that I don't especially like the British medium tank line, particularly not their low alpha guns and bad armor. I got to the tier VIII tank, the Centurion, but end up frequently in tier X games against very good players, so I don't do very well.

The obvious solution is to play the tanks I like more, and in which I do better. But that means pretty much ignoring the progress part of the game, and *not* climbing up tech trees. Which is certainly a completely viable idea; it just makes the whole experience point, tech tree and reward system pretty much pointless, except for crew xp.

I think I will do some of that, in combination with another idea: Try to find out which tanks I think I would like, and do their tech trees. That shouldn't be so hard, as I probably don't want many high tier tanks. I have learned a lot about how to play the tactics of World of Tanks in the last months, but I can't beat the reaction time and aiming skills of the tier X players half my age. Unless I play artillery, which for some reason I don't enjoy very much, I better keep out of tier X games, which means playing tanks only up to tier VII.


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