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Saturday, September 28, 2019
Prime advantages

As previously reported, I have an Amazon Prime membership which results in a free Twitch Prime membership, which gives me monthly "care packages" for World of Tanks. And I have the feeling that the content of these care packages is getting better every month. The care package for October (which just was released end September) has lots of useful stuff like a permanent camouflage style, 3 training booklets for each nation (for a total of 33 times 20k xp for the whole crew), and 20 missions for 5x XP after the first win.

Furthermore as long as you have Twitch Prime, you have access to the Captured King Tiger, a decent tier VII heavy tank. And each month there are new missions for it. This month you can even get a tier V premium tank plus garage slot from those missions. And they aren't very difficult: You just need to be in the top 10 by experience on your team 3 times a day, for 15 days. I just had a pretty bad game, a defeat in which I only landed two penetrating shots, and still managed to do that mission. You just need people in your team that suck even more than you.

The only thing I don't like is that those missions force you to play a specific tank 3+ times a day. But I can usually do that in half an hour, and I can play other tanks in between, if for example my King Tiger got shot early and I need to wait for him to come out of battle again. Now I'm not the world's biggest fan of heavy tanks; they can be great if you are top tier, but if you are bottom tier your armor becomes basically useless, and then you are the slowest, blindest, weakest tank on the map. It helps that I spent training booklets to have a decent crew with Sixth Sense, Brothers in Arms, better view range, and repairs. But for fun I'd rather play something else.


I am subscribed to Amazon prime by accident - I must have ticked or more likely forgotten to untick a box the last time I ordered something. I might check out Twitch Prime but in general I am not really into Twitch. The games I am interested in seem to get better coverage on Youtube than on Twitch even for streaming.
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