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Friday, December 20, 2019
I will never escape the Xbox Game Pass

I am still subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass. I just installed two more games via that service, Phoenix Point and Age of Wonder: Planetfall. In other words, the Xbox Game Pass subscription service is adding games I am interested in faster than I can play them. My plan to be only subscribed for a few months, until I have "played through" the offer, is looking increasingly shaky. I might never escape ... :)

Meanwhile the Epic Games store is giving one free game per day for the next 12 days! :P
Here's a radical suggestion. Instead of buying/renting games you don't have time to play because it's cheap/free to do so, why not just pay the current going rate for games as and when you are ready to play them? Then play them. Then repeat as appropriate.
Why would I want to pay €39.99 for Phoenix Point on Epic Games Store, and €33.49 for Age of Wonders: Planetfall if I can play them for €3.99 per month on XBox Game Pass? I'm starting Phoenix Point today, and I'll be finished with both games long before I have spent €73.48 for the Xbox Game Pass subscription.
Not to mention Infinifactory, which has just hit. XGP, well over PS Now or Epic or any of ther other game streaming options, is worth the money for me :D Reminds me of Metaboli, back in the day when they offered premium games a few months after release...
It really is a good deal. Especially for the type of people that buy games regularly anyways.
Right? The cheap as chips game pass got me playing State of Decay 2 to my satisfaction, and it has Dishonored 2 which I only played on the PS4 but didn't want to continue playing that way and would rather play on PC. (Higher rez, more atmospheric with head-phones, able to play in isolation instead of bothering whoever's sharing the couch with my tendency to stare at posters and other game world details for hours.)

I'm also getting exposure to We Happy Few this way, instead of buying it, just to sate my curiosity. I also got to play Vambrace: Cold Soul, which I heartily recommend. It's kind of like a fairer, story-focused Darkest Dungeon with a stronger narrative and more traditional RPG-like hub functions. I never would've played that if not for XGP, and I'm very glad that I did.

The amount I've played already, with Metro Exodus sitting installed and waiting, a few skirmishes of Age of Empires 2 Definitive already enjoyed, and The Outer Worlds played to my dissatisfaction, I'd have racked up over $250AU in box prices on those titles, and that's if I'd waited til the current christmas sales to buy them.

Instead, I've paid... roughly $10AU, with the first month free.

That is a serious no-brainer. Anyone suggesting paying boxes prices would be better is pushing a very different agenda that has nothing to do with value for money.

The smiley face at the end of the post made me smile, too. Happy for you, and grateful this service exists.
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