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Monday, December 30, 2019
Are you a bird, or are you a butterfly?

Between subscription gaming services on the one side, and free or cheap game offers on Steam or Epic on the other side, it is possible to play a different game every day. Like a butterfly, you could flit from one game to the next, without ever staying anywhere very long. But it seems my gaming behavior is more like that of a bird, I build a nest somewhere and stay for quite some time. So most of my time is still spent playing World of Tanks, instead of trying out the many other games I have access to.

How about you? Are you a bird, or are you a butterfly? How long do you typically stay with one game, before moving on to the next?

It would be a bit crazy not to stick to a game you like for some time. It is human. I am like that. And games are good these days. Hard to launch old titles (10+ years) and not to scowl at the graphics.

I loved discovering the meaning of life in Talos Principle.

I loved building bases and hunter-killer robots in every accessible location with mods in Fallout 4.

I love eliminating heretic scum in Warhammer 40,000: Martyr.

I was scared and loved exploring the underwater world in Subnautica. Looking forward to the next game in the series.

I bled with and felt the hurt of Lara in Tomb Raider (2013).

Witcher 3... I so want to follow in Ciri's steps. The story is not finished.

The Swapper. Such a simple story yet so captivating.

World of Warcraft was my everything for a decade. I was so heavily invested in it. So many characters raised and stuff crafted, so many achievements earned. Despite some people saying gaming is for kids (some tell me: grow up, stop playing kids) I fondly recall my experiences in WoW: making friends, running dungeons, playing the AH, crafting stuff by mail order, leading raids in ICC 25 heroic.

There are games out there that open up a new dimension in my mundane reality. Financially I am doing better than the average Belarusian, so I hope it is not some form of escapism. I like those games.

Am I bird? I am a mole. With sharp teeth, lethal weapons, and a desire to build fortresses upon which walls hordes of enemies die and bleed endlessly.

PS: If I had Thor's hammer, it would be my tool to build, not a weapon to destroy.
Reflecting on my gaming past, my actions tell me that I am both. I will “nest” in a game if it holds my interest. However, we know that no game will hold our interest forever. After I leave the nest I am a butterfly bouncing from game to game looking for another that is nest worthy.
I'm definitely a butterfly these days. As I dont have as much time to game these days I find my patience with games to be incredibly thin. If I'm not having fun or feel like my time isnt being respected I move on quickly.

With the number of F2P and free games (not to mention my steam and now epic backlog) I have a plethora of gaming options.
Bird here. I usually stick to a single game and suck the life out of it for weeks. As soon as I reach a dead end (endgame, paywall, too much grinding, etc) I drop it and stop gaming until something new catches my interest.

Recent examples: Borderlands 3, played for a full month on a daily basis. Path of Exile, played for one month and a half with extreme satisfaction until it became an impossible grind machine.

I've been a WoW lover sin e 2007 but even with MMO's I rarely play more than two months in a row, meaning I stop playing when there is actually nothing "new" or "different" to do (quests, places, gear, ...). I basically play no more than 2-3 months per expansion.
Apologies for the late comment but this post seems very relevant to me at the moment. I feel overwhelmed with choice of games to play a lot of them free or extremely low cost.

I am definitely not a butterfly. I get very little satisfaction from starting a game and abandoning it after a short play through. Unfortunately this still happens more than I would like but it seems to be unavoidable. Sometimes I realise that a game doesn't suit me after a short play through and that is OK I guess. Other times I fully intend to stick with a game but get distracted by something else and never get back to it.
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