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Wednesday, January 01, 2020
Happy New Year!

I would like to wish my readers a happy new year, all three of you! :)

Probably there will be not much going on here in 2020. Blogging in general continues its slow decline. Due to a player with a serious health problem, one of my D&D campaigns might end, leaving me with just one campaign left. I will have to see whether I want to take steps to start something else; that will mostly depend on work, of which there is plenty. There will be posts about computer games, with World of Tanks probably still rather prominent, although I am not sure anybody reads those. But with the Xbox Game Pass I will most certainly also try out a bunch of other games and write about them. There will also be some posts about 3D printing, as I am looking to buy a new printer, with my Zortrax printer being on the fritz again.

So, probably the usual fare, with the now usual slow update frequency. Happy 2020!

Happy new year! I read the blog through Feedly, so it's possible Blogspot may not register my attention, though you still have it, all these years later. All the best to you and your family in 2020.
Happy New Year to you! (And may your next printer work better for you than the Zortrax!)
Hey dont forget the RSS lurkers ;)
Happy new year to you too
Hah, four readers confirmed. Another RSS lurker here. Happy New Year!
HNY to you too Tob! I am here for you, as you've been part of my internet life since you started the blog. Whatever you will be talking about... I will always enjoy following your words. Cheers and hugs to your Mrs too!
darn, thought I was one of three but it appears there are more. Maybe there are the right amount of numbers to start a game somewhere.. the Tobold blog guild.
Happy New Year from another member of the long-time lurker army!
I'm reading and it looks like there is a few of us left :) ! I came here to read about WoW first, was pleased to see you also blogged about DND. Lots of years later, i'm still here, reading everything you post :)

Happy New Year Tobold!
Happy new year!
I'm missing the golden age of blogging.

Yours is one of the few left I care about. Thanks for the entertainment !

Happy 2020 to all.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to you, too!
From another loyal reader...
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