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Friday, February 28, 2020
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is on Xbox Game Pass for PC. I downloaded it, which took quite a long time. Then I started playing it. Then I found out that it doesn't have "Final Fantasy" type combat, but is an action RPG. Then I uninstalled it. End of story.

And then you ignore the 'active' combat, enable 'active pause', and enjoy your hybrid gaming (Well, that's what I did, anyway).

Quite enjoyed FFXV on PS4, and now on PC in much higher resolution... but the ~140 GB install size (For high quality pack with all expansions) is... daunting.
I think I prefer to play the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition on my iPad.

Oh, and I just bought Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD for €12.49 on Steam, there is a Square Enix sale ongoing. Next year I'll go full circle and buy the first Final Fantasy I have every played, FF7, in the remake version, when it hits other platforms than the Playstation.
Download > Play a little > Uninstall

That's my typical gaming situation in the latest years. Very few games manage to get me hooked.
I mean, do what you want, but the interminable FF combat style was one of the more annoying relics of 90s RPGs to my mind. The kind of think you'd skip if you could after a while.
So you didn't play FF 12 either?
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