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Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Little Big Workshop

Little Big Workshop is $20 management simulation game on Steam. I have been playing it for about 10 hours, and I enjoyed it. The graphics are cute, and the management aspects are surprisingly deep. You are running a small workshop, that evolves over time into a factory, producing various goods like furniture out of wood, metal, and plastics. You hire workers, turn them into specialists, take on orders, design the various work steps on a blueprint, queue up jobs on your machines, and try to keep everything running smoothly. Which isn't as easy as it looks.

Over time you get more specialized and efficient machines, and make more complicated products. You can buy more plots and enlarge your factory. Optionally (by default that option is on!) you need to deal with events like vermin or sabotage. For 10 hours the game is great fun. Once you have learned how to optimize your production chains, the fun diminishes a bit over time. The game doesn't have infinite replayability. But if you like management sims, this is well worth playing for a while.

I've been following for years just for these kind of recommendations. You've always made good recommendations starting with A Tale in the Desert. Thanks Tobold.
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