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Sunday, April 26, 2020
Buy XCOM: Chimera Squad!

I tend to read or watch reviews before I buy a game. Usually that gives me a good idea of what to expect. But with XCOM: Chimera Squad I felt that several of the reviews I saw were misleading. They tended to compare XCOM: Chimera Squad to XCOM 2, and pointed out that Chimera Squad isn't quite as great a game as XCOM 2. What they fail to mention is that it isn't supposed to be a full sequel.

XCOM 2 still normally costs €50 on Steam (but right now it is at a 75% discount, so grab it if you don't have it yet). XCOM: Chimera Squad is labeled as a €20 game, but if you buy it before May 1st, you only pay half, which is unusual for new games. In short, Chimera Squad is a €10 game on release, compared to a €50 game. Does it have less content than XCOM 2? Yes. Does it have some bugs? Yes. But is it great value for the money? Hell, yeah!

Note that you will especially like XCOM: Chimera Squad if you like the tactical combat part of XCOM more than the global strategic map. How you feel about soldiers having actual personalities instead of being random is up to you. But the new mechanics, like breaching a room, sure are nice. And if you already played hundreds of hours of XCOM 2, Chimera Squad is a nice bit of new content. And better value than some of the less good XCOM 2 DLCs. Recommended!

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