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Wednesday, April 08, 2020
There is an easter egg in my April tankrewards

Another month, another tankrewards event from World of Tanks. These go on for like 4 weeks (27 days in this case), and to get the maximum reward, a premium tank, you need to collect 3,000 points. As you get 100 points per day just for fighting one battle, you basically get most of the rewards for no effort, and just have to do a bunch of missions over a month to get the remaining 300 points for the final reward. Which takes some time, depending on how you tackle it, something like 10 battles in the top 10 per day (you get more points if you do more battles, or use top tier tanks).

Only this time I suddenly had 500 extra points in this egg hunt event. It is only April 8, and I already got 1350 points. Just showing up every day until the end will give me the final reward, and I can even miss a couple of days. Apparently there are easter eggs in the form of hidden missions in the game, and by pure chance I fulfilled one of them, killing an enemy by setting him on fire. That is a nice surprise, although I don't think many people will go out of their way to first find out what the hidden conditions are, and then change the way they play to get there. Basically if you do as I do, just play regularly and get lucky at some point, you already get all the points you'd ever need. It's nice for me, but somehow not much of an easter egg hunting event.


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