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Saturday, May 23, 2020
Borderlands 3 cheating / modding

I recently started playing Borderlands 3. I played through the start of the story missions until I got to the Sanctuary. There I used the Cheat Engine software to edit my money (it's a 4 byte value, if you want to do it too), and bought a bunch of SDUs. So now I have a larger inventory, more bank slots, and can carry more ammo with me. On the one side this is definitively "cheating", which is what you'd expect from a software called Cheat Engine. On the other side the SDUs are just quality-of-life upgrades, they don't make me do more damage or be more resistant to damage or in other way affect my power. They simple let me play longer before having to fast travel back to base to empty my inventory. And if I have a favorite weapon (I'm playing Fl4k in sniper mode), I can do that for longer without running out of ammo. So I felt I was more like modding the game to a more player-friendly version.

I don't mind cheating in single-player games. However I tend to be careful with it, because one can basically destroy the game's fun with it. I am generally not so much interested in "god mode" cheats, or cheats that just kill every enemy on the press of a button. If in some game combat is too hard for me, I'd be more interested in for example giving me more health with a cheat or mod, rather than infinite health. But the cheats I am most interested in are those like the ones described above for Borderlands: The game having some stupid quality-of-life restrictions that could be lifted by cheating. Inventory slots are a prime example: They don't make your character stronger, but having not enough of them is typically rather annoying, and forces you to spend a lot of time running back and forth for no purpose other than inventory management.

Yup nothing wrong with tailoring a game to your experience when it's single player.

I did the same with Assassin's Creed Odyssey as I didnt want to play through all the side quests. I bumped up the xp earned with Wemod until I could just cruise around doing the main quests.

If it wasnt for that I probably never would have finished that game.
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