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Saturday, December 09, 2006
GameSetWatch about Tobold

Michael Zenke, alias Zonk, runs two blogs: MMOG Nation and Random Dialogue. He is editor of Slashdot Games. He writes for a number of game sites and magazines. And besides all that he still had the time to read and write a review about my blog on GameSetWatch.

His article has an interview with me, plus a very extensive selection of the "best of" my blog posts on World of Warcraft. I couldn't have summarized my blog better. Hmmm, that was supposed to be a compliment, but come to think of it I'm not very good at summarizing. :) Well, go and read the review anyway.
First a University professor's required reading, then cited in a magazine, now an entire interview, all revolving around WoW? You're getting big, and you're going to disappoint a lot of people when you finally quit the game.

How is DDO coming along? I was going to download the trial version and try it out, but I was put-off by the explanation of the skills and spell system. It seemed overly complicated. What has your experience been like up to this point, and how do you feel about the character advancement system in comparison to past mmorpgs?
The interview is a good read and yea I am a fan of Zonk. Being a follower of Tobold's blog from the early days to a most mentioned blog as it is today, I am happy with what I see. Seems like Tobold has become an icon of World of Warcraft culture. Keep it up!

- Wargik(Perenolde US)
Congratulation Tobold. What a great review and all true. He actually dubs you "World of Warcraft's most readable player."
Looks like your plan to get into MMO development is firmly on track mate :)

Very happy for you, well done!
Congrats -- you deserve the publicity for your consistently excellent writing!
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